Social Distancing: Good for You (and Your Pets too!)

With the current election fever across the country, it's more important than ever to stay safe and healthy. With things as they were for the past few months, everyone longs for large-scale social gatherings and rallies and whatnot (in fact plenty people have already started partying and gathering and bar-hopping in my area). As much as I love interacting with other pet owners, it will still be advisable for you and your pets to keep the 6-feet rule. It's not the question of why but rather what-if.  

What's the big deal? Pets can't get the big bad germ COVID-19 right? Still, remember that when your pets interact with other hoomans, their germs may end up on your pets. Likewise, other pets may have their owners' germs on them, which will ended up passing to your pets and then to you.

Simply put, pets can carry hooman germs. Pets can then transfer hooman germs to other pets. 

Times have been hard, but now is not the time to let up. Take your pets out early, or late, to avoid crowds. Stay strong, stay vigilant, and stay safe! (And get your votes on!)